New website for Chateau Kaniaris

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Being in charge of the brand’s strategy, MOVE MOUNTAINS implemented a priority action plan including the creation of a new brand name, logotype and website for Chateau Kaniaris. This change marks the beginning of a new era for the Estate aiming to play a more active role within the Attica vineyard as well as to support the revive of rare indigenous wine varieties. MOVE MOUNTAINS implemented the work with the strategic partnership of ICONIC Branding.

Chateau Kaniaris is an integrated, self-contained privately owned vineyard of 35 hectares, resting on the northern slopes of Mount Geraneia between two seas.  The vineyard where the Manor sits is a viticultural “playground” of entertainment and education for Greek and foreign visitors.
The concept of a viticultural manor lays on the experience of the visitor wandering around in remote valleys, forest clearings, secret paths and shelters and old wine presses.


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